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At FS, we recognize that true success isn't just about meeting today's needs; it's about anticipating how those needs will shape tomorrow's desires.

With an array of insightful presentations and dynamic workshops, our team of dedicated experts stands ready to collaborate closely with you. Our goal? To ignite inspiration within your teams, empowering them to craft products and experiences that deeply resonate with your audience.


SEASONAL Downloads
An inspiring way to kick start your season and align your teams. FS creates an assortment of the most relevant reports and callouts from the FS Platform.
The walk-through will focus specifically on your needs, and is based on product categories and specific opportunities that are relevant to you.

CULTURAL Downloads
Understand the shifts and demands of the future market, with our experts on hand to answer your questions.
These presentations dive into the extensive research from our culture section to discuss your needs, from consumer demographics to sustainability, technology, and retail trends.

COLOR Strategy
At FS, we comprehend the profound impact color has on design. There are moments when understanding what color means for you and your brand becomes paramount.

Through a collaborative partnership, we meticulously forge a robust color strategy for your brand, charting its course for a successful future. In an increasingly competitive market, color really can be the differentiator between you and your competitors.

The FS experts become an extended part of your team. With the understanding of your audience and product categories, we will curate and tailor our live reports to suit your specific needs.
Utilizing our Create tools we tailor our layers of forecasts and research to align it specifically for you.

FS is available to support your teams during the innovation process, including attending (or facilitating) ideation workshops or general brainstorming sessions.
From carving more powerful paths to innovation to reclaiming your innerstanding, as individuals and brands, in a sea of sameness.

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About FS

FS is a creative futures agency that helps companies harness future trends. Merging research and IT, the company provides a collaborative trend platform for creatives - a one-stop shop to explore new trends, create, and share new concepts.

Our advisory group is working with global retailers and brands in the fashion, accessories, beauty, and home markets to leverage macro-cultural shifts and better their business and products.

Headquartered in New York City and London, we have clients and contributors in over 50 countries around the globe.