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With an abundance of inspiration in the digital world, how do you know where to look? This on-demand webinar and presentation will take you through how to discover emerging trends across different markets and regions.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how the trend landscape has changed and how to leverage the multiple layers and sources of inspiration
  • See what our experts see - we share our tips and tricks for efficiently researching, tracking, and organizing trends using social media
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About FS

Fashion Snoops (FS) is a global trend forecasting agency that helps companies harness future trends. Merging research and IT, the company provides a collaborative trend platform for creatives - a one-stop-shop to explore new trends, create and share new concepts.

Our advisory group is working with global retailers and brands in the fashion, accessories, beauty, and home markets to leverage macro cultural shifts and better their business and products.

Headquartered in NYC, we have clients and contributors in 50 countries around the globe. 

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